For more details on setting up a DC, see advsetup. There is also a net subdirectory of tsclient which also contains the clients with each client in its own subdirectory without the disk1 etc. You will need Internet Explorer 4. The Active Directory is part of the machines System State which is defined as follows:. With the NT team embark on the death march to Beta 3, if you don’t tell MS, you may well have to live with the consequences – and condemn others. Replication can also be forced with Windows domain controllers as follows. In native mode only based domain controllers can participate in the domain and 4.

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In a large directory these entries may be grouped by location or by their type, e.

Windows NT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Single File Version

The Q numbers relate enumrator Microsoft Knowledge Base articles and can be viewed at http: Windows NT does not provide built in functionality to change Volume ID’s, however NT Internals has produced a free utility that can be downloaded from http: A directory service object was moved. Each account has a unique SID that dnn issued by an authority, such as an Active Directory domain controller, and stored in a security database.

EXE you can delete a registry value from the command line or batch file, e.

If you select DHCP it will use an address Windows refreshes the domain list dm the machine is locked for more than two minutes seconds. If your server never stays up longer than 12 hours between reboots, the old log files are never cleaned up and they take up dnumerator and more space on the disk but you have bigger problems: A LFN will use one directory entry for its alias the alias is the 8.


The network card would be so the other clients in the network can communicate with the “to be” gateway, and the modem to connect to the gateway.

Each of the subtrees has a number of keys, which in turn have a number of subkeys. This can also be done using the policy editor. Long File Names are stored using a series of linked directory entries.

There is a fourth type, the L ocal computer policy and this has bottom priority and any policies will be overwritten by any of the others which gives us an order of LSDOU.

Operation completed successfully in There are no open issues. The Schema is extensible which means it can be changed but modifying the Schema is a dangerous task as it will affect the entire domain Oroblem since a forest shares a common schema and someone at Microsoft once said the following:.

The Windows NT 5. How can I view db permissions a user has on a file from the command line? Because of the complex replication available in Windows and the Active Directory just deleting an object would result in it potentially being recreated at the next replication interval and so deleted objects are ‘Tombstoned’ instead.

5138(S): A directory service object was undeleted.

The additional software required has to be installed on a server though it does not have to be a domain controller with. This can be resolved by forcing the FTP server service to use Unix conventions rather than dos.


The reboot will take longer than normal as the new area added has to be formatted to the same file system as the rest of the volume set. If the following error message is displayed when you attempt to add a computer running Windows NT to the domain:. A utility is supplied with the resource kit called compact. The next stage is to edit this file.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Once installed, it’s efficient, and is very useful for searching. How can I remotely tell who is logged on at a machine?

Kerberos is not a Disablewble protocol and is based on version 5.

5136(S): A directory service object was modified.

The NTFS compression result depends on the disk cluster. When two or more domains are joined in a parent-child relationship a domain tree is formed. How can I shutdown a number of machines without going uas each machine? The basic syntax is as follows. Before a trust relationship is configured.